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One of the most important tools you can have at your disposal as a real estate agent is a good memory. It will help clients see you as more credible if you remember details about them and their priorities, and it will help your business run more smoothly if you can remember what you have to do when. To aid you, we’ve put together 3 tips for improving your memory.

  1. Recall, Retrieve, Repeat – This technique developed at Harvard is used to help you remember names. When you meet someone, repeat their name to yourself and associate some meaning behind it. Then, 30 seconds later, recall the name and meaning again in your head. Do it several times, lengthening the time between each, and names will become easier to remember.
  2. Meditate – Though some people might turn their nose up at it, meditating has actually been proven to increase your concentration levels. Starting with just 3-5 minutes daily to positively visualize where you see yourself accomplishing your goals in your mind’s eye can help you achieve their goals better.
  3. Power of Positive Thinking – Reinforcing positive thoughts can actually improve your focus and memory. Tell yourself in your head that you have an amazing memory and an amazing ability to focus, and you might just see that coming true for you.