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Many people envision the same thing when picturing a house. In fact, if you asked someone at random to draw a house, you would probably end up with the same drawing from multiple people. A square or rectangular home with a triangular roof, a couple of windows, a chimney, a door and maybe a garage. But, what happens when homes stop being simply places to live and start becoming art? Here are 3 of the most amazing and unique homes around the world that stretch the boundaries of what a house should be.

  1. Tokyo’s Glass House – the interior of this home, also known as House NA, has no walls. Everything is made of glass, so there is almost no privacy, but the home does feature some amazing design aspects that make up for this. Designed to represent climbing a tree, the house has 3 floors and exudes a cool, futuristic vibe.



2. The Keret House – Located in Warsaw, Poland, this house has been dubbed “the world’s skinniest house.” The widest point of the house is only 122 centimeters! The house was built in between two historical periods, and the architect designed it to be so thin to represent the past and present of Warsaw.



3. The Heliodome – This bioclimatic houses in Eastern France was designed to replicate a giant sundial, and is set on an angle in relation to the sun’s movements. Somehow, this design keeps the house cool in the summertime and warm in the wintertime, just by the arrangement of the windows and how they let light into the house depending on the season.