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Having an online presence is extremely important to growing your business, especially if you are trying to increase your lead pool. Over90% of home buyers start their search online, so you want to make sure your website is catching any potential clients that land on it and encouraging them to reach out to you. Here are 5 design elements that will help you get more leads out of your website.

  1. Minimalism – If there is too much of anything on your site – too many words, too many pictures, even too many ads – a user will not know how to navigate and will likely bounce off. Reduce copy and stick to one image, and remove unnecessary elements that distract the user from navigating through your site how you want them to.
  2. Sleek Navigation Options – Research says that having too many menu options can distract the user, and will make them less likely to fill out a lead form. That, and the fact that too many navigation options will make the responsiveness of the site less attractive if the user is on mobile, should be enough motivation to slim down your menu to just the pages you are interested in your users finding.
  3. Bold Typography – Something eye-catching and design-oriented is going to catch the user’s eye immediately and keep them on your page longer, so having your homepage feature one piece of bold typography is worth it to reduce your bounce rate.
  4. Professional Imagery – Sharp, professional looking photos will make you seem legitimate to anyone who lands on your site. Instead of relying on stock photos, take your own pictures or hire a photographer for a few hours to capture some shots of your office or your city. This will give you a personal touch that many users will not have seen before.
  5. Interactive Google Maps – Upgrading the maps on your website from a pin dropped where your office location is to a personalized interactive map will better the user’s experience, and help them get more knowledge out of your page. It will also make you stand out in their memory after being on so many sites with maps that look the same.