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Qazzoo’s mission is to provide a method for real estate agents and loan officers to have control over which clients they come in contact with and eventually finance or sell a home to. Qazzoo is not a plug-n-play system of getting left over, picked over, old and bogus leads. Qazzoo is designed for the agent or lender who is not afraid to pick up the phone and make a connection with a new client. The onus of building a relationship will always be on the real estate professional but Qazzoo makes it easier and faster. By cutting out the wasted time of creating advertising campaigns only to be told to be patient and wait for the miracle lead to hit their email. Qazzoo users get to the closing table quicker because on Qazzoo high quality leads are already there to be searched and selected by the right professional. Thousands of new client profiles are filtered, scored and then added to Qazzoo every day.

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