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What Do Your Buyers Do?

When you work in real estate, people buying home can sometimes start to seem more like statistics or price tags than actual people. But have you ever wondered what the people who are buying homes do for a living? What their lives look like? The infographic below...

Everything to Know About Haunted Houses

It's Halloween! Have you been binge-watching horror movies lately in the spirit of spooky season? If so, then you've probably seen a lot of scenarios involving haunted houses, more specifically, poor families moving into haunted houses where ghosts wreak havoc. There...

Real Estate Term of the Day – Bungalow

A bungalow is a descriptor of a one-story house, cottage, or cabin. They are generally small in terms of square footage, and were originally designed to provide affordable modern housing for working class people. Usually they have a sloped roof, and some modernize the...

Trending – HOA Lawsuits

According to national insurer USI Insurance Services, law suits towards HOAs have increased, with issues relating to droid usage and mold. A big spike in lawsuits have happened where HOAs use aerial droid footage on their site that shows the interior of tenants' units...

These Magic Words are Guaranteed to Sell Houses

Have you ever wondered which buzz words in real estate actually work, and which ones are going over buyers' heads? When you are trying to sell houses, you have to walk a fine line between what the client wants to hear and what they need to hear about a listing....

What Makes a Good Neighbor?

According to a 2018 study, the best neighbors are trustworthy, quiet, friendly, and respectful. While it is easy to focus on what you don't like about your neighbors or what annoys you about them, it turns out that nationally most people actually have a generally...

Are Garages Going Extinct?

Technology that seemed to always feature in futuristic movies is actually a reality now, beginning with driverless cars. Driverless, or "autonomous" vehicles could be a reality for most people within the next generation, and it could completely change the way we use...

Real Estate Term of the Day – Main Home

Main home is a term used primarily by the IRS to indicate the residence that a taxpayer has lived in for most of the time during a given taxation year. The classification of a person's main home is important when taking into account gains resulting from selling the...


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