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Thank you for becoming a member of the Qazzoo.com community. It is our goal here at Qazzoo.com to be the most cost effective way to generate more real estate business online. By being a member of Qazzoo.com you have unlimited access to homebuyer profiles across the nation every month. Start working with the homebuyers you want! At Qazzoo.com we do our best to manage your account as professionally and seamlessly as possible. Your account will renew on the  of each month at the rate listed below during your 90 day commitment. After your initial 90 day commitment, your membership will continue month to month at the same low rate. In the event that you payment is declined for any reason, your membership remains unpaid and authority to recharge has not been withdrawn, we will recharge your account until payment is received. Qazzoo is not responsible for any overdraft fees that may occur as a result of attempted charges.  If at any time you have questions regarding your membership please call us at (800) 230-9019.  Cancellation requests will only be processed upon completion of the initial 90 day agreement. 

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Your Qazzoo.com membership includes unlimited access to homebuyer profiles throughout the United States. You may claim up to  homebuyer profiles a month. After your initial 90 day commitment period your Qazzoo.com membership automatically renews each month at the cost listed above until canceled. You will continue to have access to Qazzoo.com until the end of your billing cycle. Should you wish to suspend service beyond your 90 day commitment, Customer Service can be notified 48 business hours prior to the renewal date either by phone at 800-230-9019 or by email at CS@Qazzoo.com. There are no refunds for canceling during a billing cycle. To read our entire Terms of Service please visit Qazzoo.com.

Again, Welcome and thank you for joining the Qazzoo.com community!!

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