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It’s been a long journey, but you’ve finally gotten the house you wanted. You have all your furniture in the perfect spots, all the boxes have been unpacked, and it’s time to invite guests over for the first time! Whether it’s your first or fifth home purchase, throwing a fun house warming party is a fun way to get settled into your new home. Here are some tips to make your house warming party fun and entertaining for everyone involved


The Plan
Choose your party time and type far ahead in advanced, and send out the invites in plenty of time for your guests to have availability for the event. Whether it’s a casual afternoon get together with finger foods and punch, or a fancy dinner party with wine, make sure to have a plan in mind before you send out any invitations!
The guest list
This can always be stressful. Who to invite? How many people to invite? It’s okay to have some worry over the guest list. Just make sure that whenever you do send out an invitation, that you include a “respond by” date so you know how many people to prepare for. Also, send an invitation to your new neighbors! It’s a great way to break the ice!
The Bathroom
ALWAYS make sure you have enough toilet paper and towels for guests. Having some air freshener on hand wouldn’t be a bad idea either!
Give your guests plenty of space to sit. Pull out the dining room chairs, put some cushions and pillows on the ground, or if you still have unpacked boxes, put some fabric over them for a make shift chair. The more places there are for people to sit, the less people you’ll have standing around awkwardly.
A clean space is a pleasant space. Make sure to put away any valuables that can be easily broken and misplaced. Also, lighting candles or having a fire in the fire place can make your place smell inviting to your guests. Would you want to stay in a place that smells funky? I don’t think so!
This can be a tricky one. Putting together the perfect playlist can be difficult because everyone has a certain taste in music. The best way to go is have nice, calm background music playing so there’s never any moment without sound. Soft jazz or piano music is always a simple yet elegant choice.
Actually enjoy your event! Don’t spend so much time organizing and planning that you spoil the event for yourself. Get family or close friends to help set up the event so it’s not all one you. Make sure that before your party guests arrive that you have everything set up so you can enjoy chatting and enjoying yourself at your awesome party!