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It’s Thursday, and the weekend is so close we can practically all taste it. So, why not brighten up the end of your week with some real estate fun facts? Here are 10 of the most interesting facts that we found this week:

  1. A homeowner’s net worth is over 30X greater than a renter’s.
  2. The professions with the highest percentage of homeowners and lowest percentage of renters is farmers and ranchers, with a 90.4% homeownership rate.
  3. The best day of the week to list your home is Friday
  4. 57% of people said they’d give up a home with a large yard if it meant their commute would be shorter.
  5. There are two houses in Florida that share a backyard fence, but the shortest driving route between them takes 20 minutes and traverses more than 7 miles
  6. A man in Michigan whose house was going to be demolished switched his house numbers with his neighbor, and the crew ended up demolishing the wrong house.
  7. You can buy a former missile silo to live in for as little as $260,000
  8. A 3-bedroom house in Flint, Michigan can be bought for $420
  9. A real estate agent in The Netherlands got people to tour his home by installing a roller coaster that went through it
  10. You can buy land on the moon for $20 an acre