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Qazzoo has pushed a new mobile update for both iOS and Android that will make it easier for users to capture leads on the go. The aim of this new update is to make Qazzoo accessible in its entirety no matter what platform you are using, whether it be your work desktop or your smartphone or your tablet. Here are some of the updates you can expect with this update:

  • Enhanced Lead Views
  • Enhanced Lead Reporting
  • More Detailed Lead Content

In addition to these major upgrades, Qazzoo has used the update to fix bugs and any app crashes that were happening. You also have access to more content from the mobile app as well, including an about page and feedback support that can help you answer any questions or solve any problems you come across right inside the app. In addition to this, users stay logged in to the app for longer, so you can return to the app after being out of it for a little bit and not have to log in all over again.

If you are a user of Qazzoo but are not utilizing the mobile app, this update is a great excuse to start! This update makes it easier to access your leads or capture more from any one of your devices, so now is the perfect time to download it and take Qazzoo with you on the go.