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A bungalow is a descriptor of a one-story house, cottage, or cabin. They are generally small in terms of square footage, and were originally designed to provide affordable modern housing for working class people. Usually they have a sloped roof, and some modernize the traditional definition by adding a basement or a half-level like a loft to add more rooms or space to the home. Common features in bungalow-style homes are dormer windows and verandas.

There are many benefits to bungalow style homes. Because they are only one story and don’t have any stairs, they are a great option for elderly people or even young parents who don’t want to worry about an accident involving stairs. They are also very cost-efficient, because it takes less to head or cool them and their property value tends to remain high. Since they don’t extend upwards, they also tend to have more square footage to play with and renovate, if you are into that. Although one big thing to thing about is that they are low to the ground, so they are susceptible to break-ins. If you are interested in a bungalow, it is a good idea to look into a home security system.