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“The site gives a personalized twist to lead generation, functioning more like a social media platform that allows for better connection between buyer and realtor.”


“Connects consumers with local merchants.”


“A frictionless platform.”

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“We want Qazzoo on every Realtor’s website.”


Rob T.

Rob T.

Qazzoo has helped my company generate new business from the first day…thanks guys!
Mimi H.

Mimi H.

I claimed six homebuyer profiles the first day and was showing houses to two of them within days.
Marti I.

Marti I.

Qazzoo is the most creative, techie brilliant answer to solving lead generation that I have ever seen. It helps you find buyers and sellers!

Phillip M.

I just sign up for Qazzoo (less than 1 month ago) and the leads are real, this is good for my business. Of course, there is no free lunch and you have to pay for the leads and do your hard work on them in order to get them from talk to close. Jack F. is my sales rep and he is a great guy.

Joshua P.

I have used Qazzoo for almost a year now and we connect with buyers and sellers regularly from them. The ROI is strong enough to buy in bulk and keep them in our marketing channel long term. Ryan S. has been responsive and helped us to get the quantities we need to keep our growing long term. Very very few lead companies out there will refund you a lead because it has bogus information and Qazzoo regularly refunds leads when they have false information. Most agents try them out for a month or if at all, work a few leads for a couple weeks and then decide that it doesn’t work. That’s like sending out one mailer to a neighborhood and being upset that you didn’t get any sellers from the campaign. Internet leads take time to nurture. We didn’t see our pipeline build few a few months and we call each lead at least 5 times , not including texts and drip emails. When there have been challenges,(no one is perfect) they have been fast to correct or respond to the issues. If Qazzoo isnt working for you, then you either are not working or dont have a clear understanding of how internet leads work.

Danny P.

My name is Danny P. and I only had Qazzoo for about 4 months and I just closed 2 deals last week from their lead. I’m also working with a cash buyer who we submitted a contract last night and a handful of other potential clients…all from Qazzoo. I just called to upgrade my membership to the next level since the investment paid off. I recommend it.

Brenda W.

I have been pleased with Qazzoo! I closed a $280,000 deal in my second month of receiving the leads, and 2 more deals shortly after that. The staff members are always willing to answer questions. If you want to jump start your real estate career… give Qazzoo a try!

James V.

I have been buying leads from the internet for years. Qazzoo has very high qualify leads, and the contact rate and call back rate is higher than what I expected. These folks are serious buyers and sellers, and I had a deal in the pipeline within 10 days of my first leads. You must work the leads, and have a follow up system. I am happy I joined, and I have already made a 2nd purchase in less than 1 month.

Lida L.

Qazzoo has the best customer service around! Ryan Jones is quick to call or email me whenever I have a problem, and always has an answer to my questions. Thanks again for being a reliable team that cares about its customers!

James V.

I have been buying leads from the internet for years. Qazzoo has very high qualify leads, and the contact rate and call back rate is higher than what I expected. These folks are serious buyers and sellers, and I had a deal in the pipeline within 10 days of my first leads. You must work the leads, and have a follow up system. I am happy I joined, and I have already made a 2nd purchase in less than 1 month.

Jessica V.

I am happy with his site! I have received many good hot leads!! And thickened my pipeline! Thank you Qazzoo!

Stephen J.

Qazzoo customer service is very reasonable and appreciate their services.

Carrley N.

I started using Qazzoo randomly and it actually got me several buyers and more nurtures which is fantastic!! I’m on a team and now my team wants it too!

Rob S.

I needed help with an account for an employee who was terminated. Called my rep, Jim F**, who resolved the problem within 15 minutes with the authorization of his sales manager. All lead credits were transferred to my primary account so I did not suffer any financial loss. Awesome customer service and accurate lead info.

Dan L.

About 3 years ago I received a call from an agent of Qazzoo. I was out of town at the time but the proposed agreement for the purchase of leads made sense. At that time I agreed to become a member and start to receive leads. The first contacts I called turned into deals. I do not use Qazzoo leads everyday but when business is slow we call the leads and we get clients. It is my teams goal to turn these clients into deals that close. I am certain that I will be a long term client with Qazzoo

Chris H.

Very responsive and eager to work with us. Whenever a question has come up, we have reached out and get a response with a solution in under 24hours.

Caleb P.

Qazzoo has been a fantastic resource! Over the last 6 months I have made $7 for every $1 I spend! Very reasonably priced and unlike many other resources if the contact info is bad they refund the lead within a couple days.

Evelyn G.

my name is evelyn, I’m a realtor in San Diego California. Qazzoo is amazing! I love the real time leads coming in, in the first couple of days I have connected, spoken with and have set up clients with loan officers for 4 couples that will be purchasing a home and one man that I will be listing his property right after the holidays! I am thrilled to have found Qazzoo!

Stephen E.

I signed up for Qazzoo around 2 months ago. They were true to their word in regards to billing and accurate data. I’ve had a small amount(maybe 8-10%) of leads that were either bogus or were very strict about not wanting to be contacted. Guess what? Qazzoo gave me more leads to replace them at no cost! I’ve been very happy with the service they provide and their cost per lead is great. Follow up is key. Thanks Qazzoo!

Rodney E.

As a Broker/Team leader with eight full-time agents on my Buyer’s team, and over 200 agents in our Brokerage – I am always looking for good lead marketing partners. Our current monthly budget is just under $15,000. Qazzoo is a gold mine! The cost per lead is crazy – I will buy all they can generate for our area. You have to know how to handle the leads, and use the right script to maximize the Effectiveness; Qazzoo is worth the investment. Mike H****** is my point of contact; he is accessible and works hard to make certain that we are well taken care of.

Frank P.

I have been with Qazzoo for over a year now and I am 100% satisfied with the quality of leads I receive and Qazzoo’s customer service. I began my real estate career three years ago, and have looked into numerous lead generating companies, but hands down Qazzoo has been the most affordable. The leads I receive are real, local, and contain the lead’s email address and phone number. Occasionally, I will receive a lead with an invalid email address or phone number, but Qazzoo was quick to refund me the lead. The best part of Qazzoo…I get to choose whether or not I want to accept a lead. Since joining, I have added hundreds of Qazzoo leads to my CRM database and consistently close 2 to 3 deals a month. I would highly recommend Qazzoo to other real estate professionals and lenders, especially new agents.

Melissa H.

I have been with Qazzoo for about 7 months now & I feel fortunate to have gotten in bed with this small business. Their leads are guaranteed and while you do not get a refund for a lead containing incorrect information you do get a credit of the lead – they add 1 lead back to your account. This is my favorite part. Mike, my account rep, has been unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable every time I’ve had an opportunity to speak with or email him. Not every lead pans out of course but for the money it’s well worth the cost. As a lender I’ve closed 4 loans using this service.

Donny M.

Qazzoo came to me as quite a surprise when I realized that other products were not working. Within a short time, I was achieving success in an unexpected ratio. When I had a problem, I was able to get in touch with Qazoo immediately. If I had a ‘bad’ lead, it was replaced right away. After trying everything else out there, I think, this has been the most satisfactory.

Laura W.

I’ve been in the mortgage lending industry for a bit over 20 years. In that time I have seen and used many lead generation systems. ALL of them are hit or miss and it is a numbers game. I have been on the Qazzoo system for about 3 months. I have contacted less than 50 leads. I get see the information on the buyer before I purchase the contact information. I really like that ability. I have been able to search out leads in different counties and I love that ability. Are all the leads from people hungry to get a mortgage loan right now and have no idea where to get one, and have no friends or realtors able to clue them….no. But I have had a couple successes that have more than paid for all the money spent, 14 times over in fact. The truth is no lead system is a guaranty. But if I can get my name in front of as many people as I opt to and of those get to actually speak with a few and of those perhaps app a couple and of those close one a month it more than pays for itself many times over. Isn’t that what we do as LOs everyday? I don’t understand how any LO can expect any system to guaranty business for a few bucks a lead. Qazzoo has for me, been a pleasant experience. My rep Mike H. has been responsive and respectful each time I’ve called. I have used the flag data feature and had the lead restored. Frankly, I have not have ANY issues. I bought into an opportunity to get my name in front of possible buyers; people I had no opportunity at before weather they be “cloned” from facebook as some have claimed or others who have registered. That’s exactly what I am receiving and I am benefitting from this association.

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