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Staging a house for sale is extremely important for attracting buyers by helping them envision what they could do with the house. It is as important for the advertisement of the house online as it is for open houses or tours, so having a plan for how you are going to stage a house is key. Based on current trends, here is our advice for how to stage a house for maximum interest.

  1. Boost Curb Appeal – when it comes to house shopping, lots of buyers will go for a “judge a book by its cover” approach. You will draw a lot of attention from people who might be on the fence just by doing things like power-washing the siding and the porch, hanging easy to read house numbers, and mowing the lawn and adding fresh greenery.
  2. Make Sure Everything is Clean – clean every surface and make sure it stays clean, dirty appliances or surfaces are sure to be noticed by potential buyers. This means not only physically cleaning all surfaces so that they sparkle, but also clearing away all clutter and minimizing personalized items in your house.
  3. Go with a Neutral Color Scheme – in order to keep as many people interested as possible, a neutral color scheme is the way to go. It will give the home a sophisticated and clean feel, as well as show off the home’s features without being distracted. This also applies to bedrooms, which should be kept as gender-neutral as possible.
  4. Use Space Wisely – entice people to explore the whole house by creating a way to move fluidly between rooms, and stage extra rooms or awkward areas of space to show potential buyers how they can be used.
  5. Stage the Outdoors – outdoor space is a very sought-after feature in a home, so make the most of any that your property has. Setting up chairs on a balcony with some plants will make it seem more inviting that having it empty. It is also important to remember what season you are staging in, especially for features like fire pits or screened-in porches.

You can get lots of great ideas by perusing real estate online platforms. Take note of the houses that you like and what they did, and it can help you stage your next property so that you can gather qualified interest. Houses that are staged so that you would live there will often generate the best results in sales.