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2018 has been a big year so far for interior design, especially when it comes to furniture. Bright, light-filled rooms are giving an excuse to highlight furniture as a focal point in the room, and people are turning back to bold choices to make their rooms feel like art. We’ve compiled a list of popular furniture trends we’ve noticed so far in 2018.

  1. Tropical Prints – plant-inspired prints are having a moment in 2018, specifically ones featuring big, tropical palms or flowers. We’ve seen it on clothes and on other home décor, but it is starting to catch up to physical furniture. A couch or bedding in a tropical print will instantly make any room pop.
  2. Marble Everything – we’ve been using marble on our countertops for years, but that has started to expand into other pieces of furniture. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing marble coffee tables or nightstands pop up in your local high-end furniture store. Look for ways to DIY this look on Pinterest for a cheaper alternative.
  3. Homemade Vibe – tables made from raw pieces of wood and animal skin-bench covers have grown in popularity because of their rustic, artisan feel. This is another opportunity for DIYing if you don’t want the designer price tag for a piece of wood and some pegs, but do want a side table that will make all of your friends jealous.
  4. Velvet – the trend in upholstery that looks like it’s here to stay is velvet. Adding a velvet couch, ottoman, or armchair to your living room will instantly elevate it to seem plush and expensive. For a bonus, look for velvet in a saturated color to add warmth to any room.
  5. Upcycled Goods – along with being on trend, furniture made with recycled materials is also a responsible upgrade for the planet. Look for furniture made from recycled plastics and baskets or outdoor pieces made from plant husks to add a beautiful touch to your aesthetic as well as a good talking point for your guests.

Remember, when doing any design work in your house, you can always turn to the internet for ideas on what is popular or what will work with what you already own. If you are looking for inspiration, search an idea and see what other people have come up with, or how they are integrating some of the elements in this article.