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A growing trend in interior design is personal touches, which has grown from knick-knacks and personalized furniture to the design of entire rooms. Now, many buyers are focusing on how a room should make them and their guests feel, as opposed to just how it should look.

According to Annie Kip of Annie Kip STYLE +DESIGN, “I believe we will see a shift towards designing spaces based on how people want to feel. At home, people are done feeling the pressure to impress their friends. They don’t want a generic home that looks like a magazine. People are ready to get crystal clear on how they want to feel at home – and they will make design choices from there. Whether it’s ‘relaxed’ or ‘energized’ or ‘intimate’ or ‘professional’ – spaces have the power to help us feel the way we want in our lives.”

With feelings determining how a room is designed, we are seeing a lot more emphasis on freedom for buyers. This allows people to create a one of a kind space that suits exactly what they want, because they are abandoning traditional norms of how rooms should look. If you want an example of how others have designed their aspirational spaces, or you are looking for inspiration, check out this board from Pinterest.