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Because getting a home ready to sell can be a painstaking process, some brokerages have started offering what they are calling “staging concierge services.” These services cover both traditional staging and renovations geared towards owners whose homes might need a little prepping.

One such program, Compass Concierge, uses professionals from Compass who guide sellers through home improvements that would increase their chance of selling. They will also cover the cost of deep cleaning, painting, staging, and landscaping at no additional upfront fee. Homeowners who want to take advantage of these services can choose which of the offered jobs they would like done in their home before it is listed. Compass Concierge is offered in all of the markets in which Compass operates, and there is no minimum listing price for properties to be eligible.

Redfin launched a similar service in 2017, which offered all of the same services on properties worth at least $500,000. Their program is currently only available in Washington D.C. and L.A., and any sellers who pay an extra listing fee for the service can have it.