VIP Website Authorization

VIP Website Authorization

Both parties agree to the time frame required to create and maintain an effective online strategy. This Addendum to the Original Agreement is in the best interest of both Qazzoo and the Qazzoo VIP Professional. Qazzoo will perform and make additional services and benefits available that are above and beyond the standard professional login credentials. This addendum does not affect the billing dates or billing amount. The VIP Professional will be billed once a month for the duration of the term at the same rate indicated in the Original Agreement.


As a current professional member of Qazzoo, there is no additional monthly cost to the VIP member. Both parties agree to an additional three month commitment, beyond the original term, to fulfill the VIP Agreement. The website is normally designed and delivered within 10 business days.


Additional free services and offerings included to the VIP Professional:


  1. Free Assistance Building and Maintaining Online Profile
    Qazzoo will assist in the creation of a Professional Profile upon request for the VIP Professional. Qazzoo will also email the VIP Professional Profile to each home buyer and home seller that is unlocked by the VIP Professional in real time. Any desired profile changes will be made within 24 to 48 business hours of receipt of the change request. All profiles must be professional and in the spirit intended.


  1. Free Creation and Hosting of Professional Website

Qazzoo will pay for the creation of the VIP’s custom branded website. The website and associated fees are free to the VIP member as long as the professional account is active and remains in good standing with Qazzoo. With the website, the member can expect a unique top-level domain, a personally branded website with integrated IDX feed and lead capture, as well as premium support.


In the event a suspension of service request has been received by Qazzoo, the VIP Professional’s profile and the account will be deleted from the system. The account will remain live until the VIP Agreement is fulfilled, so long as the account remains in good standing. Any unclaimed leads will rollover to the next month until the account is deleted at which point any unclaimed leads and access to the Qazzoo CRM will be inaccessible until the account is reactivated. The VIP professional understands and agrees that there are no refunds granted during a billing cycle.


For your convenience, after the Original and VIP Agreement are fulfilled, your account and associated card ending in will bill , renewed , at the rate of per . After completion of the Agreements, should you wish to suspend service, contact Client Services at least 48 business hours prior to the renewal date either by phone at 800-230-9019 or by email at To read the entire Qazzoo Terms of Service please visit


If this agreement is unclear to the recipient, please contact Customer Service within 48 business hours of receipt.


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65 Old Solomon’s Island Road, Ste. 208

Annapolis, MD 21401


P: (800)230 9019 M-F 9am-5pm EST



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